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Top 3 Best Storyline unblocked games

Story line unblocked games are those games which have huge story line and mark. A player around the globe enjoy these games on the basis of their story. Each turn of this game has a direction in players love to play such games because they are the long and totally turn-based scenario.

Max Payne

This is one of the beautiful crafted unblocked games 77¬†which bagged almost every award of the industry. The game starts with a detective which reports to a crime. He finds out on his way back home that his wife has been killed. He takes the decision about finding out who has killed his wife. Because he couldn’t believe that wife could have done a suicide. The taxpayer is the name of the detective. During the search, he finds out different things about the wife that she was an undercover agent. He couldn’t believe and the story unfolds more. The best part of the Max Payne is that it was developed during those days when the good games were impossible to find. Max Payne has a good amount of cinematics which makes game interesting and indulging. The game introduced first of the slow motion modes into the game. This caught a large player base eye. The game special feature got so famous that around million copies were sold just on the popularity of the slow motion mode of this unblocked game. Max Payne could perform different moves on the basis of that mode essentially. Thus making the game more enjoyable and indulging players to play this game longer.

Need for Speed Underground

One of the best game of its time. This unblocked game was based on the racing crew. The game starts when the few racers who win the races and keep the car of the racers get traced by the policeman. Need for speed underground is all about car races between different players. That car thief would only take those in the team who would be top of the league. So an undercover police officer is sent to drive these racing cars. He gets a lot of help from the police department in winning the league and coming top of the line. Thus he finally gets to the inner circle of those thieves. The story of this unblocked game further unfolds. The need for speed underground is not about the story but the beautiful design of the cars and different player allowed colors of these cars. A total number of thirty car models were used in the game all of the tops of the line car of few named companies of the world. These car models were so appreciated by the players that wanted the developers of this game to create another part of this game. Hence underground 2 was released all the game was far away from the first part of the story line but it packed the same punch as the need for speed underground.

These are top two story line based unblocked games 66.