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Ten things we did not know about Facebook earlier

Facebook is a famous social media site where people interact with each other by sharing photos, videos, life events and different life spending ideas. Some interesting things that people usually didn’t know before are described below

  1. First face on Facebook

It was assumed that the first picture present on Facebook was of Mark Zuckerberg on the header of Facebook. Lately, it was cleared that it was a portrait of young Al Pacino. Andrew Mccollum, the friend of Mark created the first logo for Facebook.

  1. Hacks attempt on each day

Buy Instagram LikesThe interesting fact about this popular site is that about 600,000 attempts for hacking the Facebook are made each day. They Spam the member’s friend by attempting to sell goods, or by updating some attractive status like “I am a poop-head”

  1. Facebook visitors on daily basis

About 64% Facebook users visit the site on daily basis. It was 51% in 2010 but the survey was done in 2014 the number increased around 60 percent.

  1. Number of photos that are added each day

People always show interest in sharing their photos to the friends or publicly. Each day million of photos are shared on this site to get comments and likes for the photos to improve a number of followers or ratings.

  1. Access to Facebook from mobile

It is reported that more than one billion Facebook user access to the site through their smart phones.  That’s mean about one from every seventh person on earth use mobile Facebook.

  1. Tracking of site the visitor visits

Through told adage system the Facebook track the number of visitors for each site. They even track when a person has signed out the particular page. It also tracks a user through the like button widget.

  1. Why Facebook is blue

One of the interesting facts about the Facebook color scheme is that it was created blue because its designer or founder Mark Zuckerberg is suffering from red-green color blindness. This is the reason Facebook never changed its color since it is developed.

  1. Meaning of poke is not defined

People always wonder about the meaning of poke. Some assume that it is a simple way to say “hi” while other think that it’s a way of flirting. These are just assumptions as a team of Facebook never justified about the meaning of Poke. It is the feature just to make fun without any specific meaning or reason.

  1. Introduction of like button

The like button was introduced in 2009 and people show interest in using this button. The button is given a second naming an awesome button. People love to hit the button when they see useful and or interesting photos and videos. Shakira got 104 million likes and ranked as number one celebrity on Facebook.

  1. Active members on Facebook

Facebook has around 1.59 billion active members who visit Facebook each month. The average of the active member is more than the population of China and India. Facebook is getting popular each day so the number of users are also increasing day by day this is because of the hidden interesting facts that attract people towards it.