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Why Helen Clark is getting famous on social media every day

Recently, Helen Clark is rated as the third most powerful woman on social media. This is the media presence of the female leaders around the world. She has been reaching out to public on important issues through using this great platform. The number of tweets sent by her is 40,000 while she has 159,000 followers on Twitter. Even on Facebook her page has more than 96,000 likes. She was the prime minister for nine years in New Zealand. There is a lot of interesting facts behind the success of Helen Clark on social media. Some of them are as follows.


The type f tweets given by her are purely political or related to it in any way. Statistics show that she does 25 tweets in a single day. Among them, 73% are retweets. She says that the reason behind her popularity on social media is that all of her stuff is genuine and base on true insight. That is why people like the content shared by her. Also, the accounts from where she retweet things are @UndpSyria, @UNDP, and @UNDP4Youth. The other topics that interest her include human rights, international relations, and other such things. She also uses a lot of hashtags especially the trending ones.

Promotion of her organization

Helen Clark is currently campaigning for Secretary General of United Nations. She is doing heavy promotions on twitter and most of the people believe that her high involvement on social media is because of her own organization that is United Nations. However, this may not be correct because a lot of non-UN stuff is also posted by her that is really interesting. Her account is completely authentic and along with her busy schedule, she really does it on her own. Coming up with the tweetable material may be by the help of her staff but the material seems really authentic. That is why her account is increasing in popularity day by day.

Posts on Facebook & Twitter

Helen Clark is not so much active on Facebook. She may go without posting on Facebook for few days however she always posts some valuable material. Her post consists at least of a paragraph in which important details are mentioned and even some pictures are also added to make it more interesting. The places visited by her or any other important event are shared with the general public to give some insight.

As a political figure, she definitely uses a lot of valuable tools to make her platform the best and engage a large number of people. She has a really interesting job and she definitely put it to best use by posting material of social media. For her, social media is not about posting things against famous figures or adding her pictures, it’s about giving valuable information to the people. Similarly such valuable information can get more exposure after people buy real active twitter followers and facebook fan page likes. She has learned how to utilize these platforms in the best possible manner. There are many lessons about social media marketing that can be extracted from her experience.