food security

Five solutions to end food security problems

Today’s world is still facing food security problem. .Urgent steps are required to solve the food security problem.

Steps to end the issues of food security:

Balancing the crops:

One of the best solution to end food security is to produce the crops in a limit that is required. One should give attention that how much is needed. People usually focus on some crops like maize, rice, and wheat. These crops were only given attention to tackle hunger. But to end the food security, there should be a look at how much the food is grown and consumed. By doing research and then balancing the production is the key element to ending food security. The farmers should give knowledge of how much they have to produce and which varieties are needed can help a lot for this purpose. For the better quality food, good soil, good quality seeds are needed. By educating farmer, you can have good quality food, and this will also reduce food security.

Yield gap:

In the past some years, according to the report in developing countries, many natural habitats were converted to farming. It is seen that the agricultural land has not fully reached its potential. Farmers are yielding 50 percent less than that the fields can produce. If the gap between what is being produced and how much more it can produce can end the food security. By doing this, you can feed many people.

Using of fertilizers on the crops:

Everyone is against of using the fertilizers on crops. But still, many people use them. In one study it was seen that use of fertilizer with nitrogen and phosphorous on crops like wheat and rice crops could reduce to some percent and can produce the same yield. Other adjustments can be made with time and use other fertilizers.

Water productivity:

The Water problem is the main issue and cause of food security. Less water destroys the crops. To end food security, you have to improve irrigation system. Or one solution is that to grow a crop that wants less water. Some crops like sugarcane and everyone knows Rice is the crops that need so much water. Farmers used to grow crops that give profit to them, to encourage them to do so, should provide them economic incentives.

Wastage of food:

It has been recorded that half percent of total grown crops goes to waste due to many reasons such as poor storage facilities or they are not fully prepared. Steps should be taken to stop all this. Policymakers should implement such rules that save crops to being a waste. By doing this, you can end the food security problem.

Due the difficulties and complexities of issues like food security is the main reason that still some people in this global world remain hungry This is the issues required more attention of the policy makers.

Mentioned above are the steps should be taken to solve the food security problem.