Sahara desert
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Best animals found in Sahara desert

Sahara desert is the hottest desert located in Africa. Travelers find this region interesting to visit. It is famous for its unique characteristics of climate condition, sand dunes, urges and famous animals. We discuss some best animals in this desert. These animals are:

  1. Addax antelope

It is a rarely sighted animal in Sahara desert. Due to hunting of this animal, the population of this animal remained less in the desert. This animal is a native of chad, Mauritania and Niger valley.  Addax antelope has long and twisted horns just like a dare. It has a white color which suggests its name of white antelope. It is a kind of animal which can sustain its life without water availability. It is the reason they are highly adaptive to Moroccan Sahara.

  1. Saharan cheetah

It is among the top predatory animals in the Sahara desert. It is one of the critically endangered species in this area. Only 250 adults of this species are found in the western part of this desert. Saharan cheetah has the pale color of its skin. Skin contains less visible spots just like other African cheetahs. These cheetahs hunt hares for their eating.

  1. Desert Fox

Many types of foxes are found in Sahara desert. Some of these foxes are fennec fox, rappel Fox and pale fox. Fennec fox has large ears which can dissipate heat. They are highly adaptive to the climate of the desert. It is found in northern Niger, Sinai Peninsula, and Kuwait. Ruppell fox is a small fox and consists of the sandy coat.

  1. Dromedary camels and goats

Camels are very popular in this area. They are used for transportation means in Moroccan Sahara. Dromedary camels are second largest camels in this area after Bactrian camels. They are used for transportation as well as for the purpose of eating.

  1. Gazelles

Gazelles in this area are f of many types such as him gazelle, dame gazelle, and Dorcas gazelle. Dorcas gazelle is a small gazelle species in this area. It lives in the grassland of this region. It is well adaptive to a life of the desert. It can survive without of water availability even for its entire life. But it drinks when water is available.

  1. African wild dogs

They are among endangered species of Sahara desert. People need to protect themselves from these wild dogs to prevent diseases. 6600 adults of this species are found in this region.

  1. Hyrax

It is a herbivorous mammal. It is a small and thickset animal which are found in the sub-Saharan Africa. Animals of this species live in the form of groups of 8-10 animals.

  1. Red-necked Ostrich

It is a bird which is the largest living among all other animals in the world. It has a length of almost 9 feet. It has gray plumage in females and white/black plumage in males.

  1. African Silverbill

This bird lives in arid landscapes. It is a native of savanna region in Sahara desert. It feeds on grass seeds and growing plants seeds.

  1. Black faces firefinch

It is a common bird in this region. It is found in many countries of Africa. But the population of this species is decreasing with the passage of time steadily.

So these are best animals found in the Moroccan Sahara.