Casablanca’s Urban Agency sets the bar higher for projects

The number of reports related to small projects increased noticeable in May 2017 according to the statistics released by Casablanca Urban Agency (AUC). This year’s files for small projects with the agency reached 669 compared to 408 records tabled in May of last year. This momentum is also observed for large projects.

As a result, 302 projects related to major projects were registered with the agency which was three times more applications compared to the same period of the previous year. In other words, the information released by the company reveal that the growth of the number of requests has consistently been increasing since November 2014 for both small and large projects.

Among all the files recorded in 2014, the Single Window of Casablanca got the biggest share of 38.6% regarding the distribution of the data, followed by that of Mohammedia with 9.4%. Ain Chock’s One-Stop Shop is the third-largest player with 7%. Hay Hassani’s one-stop shop posted 5.8% of files registered, followed by Dar Bouazza which recorded a rate of 4.7%. The Single Window of Settat is in the sixth position with 4.2% of the total files filed with the agency. Furthermore, the AUC reported that more than 51.01% of small projects received a favorable opinion, equivalent to 1,135 small projects against 48.99% or 1,090 of unfavorable small projects.

As for the major projects, the Casablanca Urban Agency has revealed that 32.67% or 589 plans submitted are satisfactory. However, the number of unfavorable records for major projects exceeds 67%, which is equivalent, according to the agency, to 1,214 projects. In this perspective, the Casablanca Urban Agency statistics show a significant increase in favorable projects for small projects during the month of May 2017. Thus, the number of favorable cases reached 121 cases during May 2016. Correspondingly, the number of promising projects involving to major projects has changed noticeably.

Without a doubt, 37 cases received a favorable opinion in May 2017 against 14 promising files in May 2016. With this development, the Casablanca One-Stop Shop is leading with 26.3% of the beneficial records, followed by the Mediouna share of 9% on all favorable files. As for Oulad Saleh, it arrives in the third position with 7.3% of the helpful data.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the increase in the number of favored projects suggest that the city of Casablanca has become one of the preferred cities for investment in Morocco. Casablanca is the business capital and has contributed significantly to the economic growth of the Kingdom.

Additionally, the figures revealed by the Casablanca Urban Agency also emphasized a substantial decline in the rate of average delays in days of issuance of approval. In this manner, the average turnaround time for issuing permits became 28 days for large projects during the month of May 2017 as against to last year’s average of  66 days on the same month. There is also a decrease in the time limit for issuing authorization for small projects. As a result, the average period of 24 days from 2017 for the processing can now be accomplished within 16 days in May 2017. On the other hand, the appointment deadline for major projects is six days in May 2017 compared with three days recorded in May 2016. The selection period for small projects was only one day in May 2016 compared to four days in the same month of the current year.

Also, the Urban Agency of Casablanca also revealed that 46.4% of files registered are related to construction projects, and this is equivalent to 7,385 projects. The second spot was given to the improvement or planning projects with 20.1%, or  3,271 files, followed closely by projects of advancement of current structures with 20.1%, or 3,210 files.