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Benefits of Social Media Marketing


Social media has significantly changed how people interact. The generation Millennials spend much of their time on social media platforms in an effort to stay connected to friends and events as they unfold. In the corporate world, the impact of social media has also been felt. Traditionally, corporate entities did not engage in social events. Instead, they only focused on formal events that enabled them to maintain a professional look. The entry of social media has however changed the market dynamics. Currently, many corporate entities have embraced social media marketing for reasons that will be discussed herein.

Customized/ Targeted Marketing

Social media marketing does not only enable marketers to reach a large audience, it also makes it possible for the marketers to customize the marketing content to specific potential customers. Most social media sites have marketing options. Using this option it is possible to obtain basic consumer information from the site. With this information, it is possible to tailor the marketing content in such a way to meet the specific demands and consumer preferences.  The practice of customizing marketing content on the basis of consumer information is known as targeted advertising. The efficiency of this marketing approach is higher than when the marketer distributes marketing content blindly to potential consumers on social media.


Closely related to targeted advertising is retargeting. In retargeting, any potential or current customer who encounters a social media advertising and visits the firm’s official website is noted. Thereafter, the marketer targets this individual by sending them other marketing content once they are generated. The theory behind retargeting is that it makes it possible for the marketer to be able to contact all persons who visit the firm’s website. By so doing, even if the customer did not find what they were hoping to get, there is a chance that future marketing content and products will have commodities that suit their tastes and preferences. Sending them subsequent marketing content acts to gauge whether the specific item being promoted in subsequent marketing content contains some commodities that best fits their tastes and preferences.

Inexpensive advertising

Among the most expensive undertakings in business is marketing. Marketing entails the creation of awareness for a brand or commodity, convincing persons that the product or brand meets their requirements and most importantly explaining why this product is the best among those available in the market. To achieve all these, firms use a variety of marketing strategies leading to elevation of advertising costs. Marketing through the social media significantly reduces the marketing costs and is significantly more effective as compared to traditional advertising methods. As a matter of fact creating and distributing a marketing media via the social media is free of charge. For instance, getting a celebrity or popular figure to endorse a product on social media is potentially capable of resulting in more sales than using a billboard which would be much more expensive than and not as effective as the social media.


Convincing Consumers

In addition to making it possible to reach a large clientele, social media marketing also gives the marketer an opportunity to convert non-consumers to consumers. By marketing on the social media, a marketer is able to create a following based on the popularity of the product or the marketing content. A large following means that the marketer gets an opportunity to convince followers who are non-users into converting to consumers by convincing them of the anticipated benefits from the consumption of a commodity. While the initial contact may not result into successful conversion, subsequent contacts will convince these potential consumers of the need of trying the commodity being advertised. Though not all who first try will become repeat customers, there is undeniable opportunity that a good number will eventually be converted into users.

Instant Feedback

Using social media marketing strategy makes it possible for a firm to be able to receive feedback from consumers immediately. Through social media pages, consumers are able to give their sentiments to a corporate entity either regarding a particular commodity or their taste and preferences. The information obtained from this feedback system can be used to form a basis for making adjustments or improvements to the product. Traditionally, obtaining feedback was a long and tedious process which would require the firm to send agents to the field to obtain the information from consumers. The process was not only time wasting, but also lengthy. Using the social media, corporate entities are able to cut all these additional costs for mutual benefit.

Interaction with the Customers

Another important benefit of social media marketing is that it creates a platform through which the corporate entity can interact with the consumers on a one-to-one basis. Giving current and potential customers personal attention instills some loyalty within the customer since he feels that he is not only recognized but also that his issues are taken into consideration. Besides, the personal attention also makes other potential consumers realize that the firm takes a keen interest in the sentiments of individual consumers’ boosts the conversion rate. Good customer satisfaction makes goes a long way in creating and sustaining brand loyalty.

Higher Traffic

Other than informing current potential consumers about the existence and superiority of a commodity, social media marketing also initiates interest in potential consumers to check out the corporate entity’s official website for example on their business Instagram account they can Buy Active Instagram Followers to get more traffic from Instagram to their website. With the increased traffic to the firm’s website more and more people get to know about the firm and most importantly are able to learn about other commodities or services offered other than what was advertised. High website traffic is desirable as it indicates that more and more people are drawn to the entity, the visitors may end up getting converted and becoming loyal customers. The end results for the firm is higher sales.


The benefits of social media marketing to the corporate entity are uncountable. Firms that have devised effective social media marketing strategies can attest to this. Other than promoting sales, the firm is able to enhance its authority and credibility in the market which goes a long way in guaranteeing more sales even in the future. As is the case with contemporary marketing methods, no marketing strategy is effective on its own. It is therefore important that an entity is able to use social media marketing alongside other marketing methods in order to optimize the benefits and efficiency of the marketing department.

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Why Helen Clark is getting famous on social media every day

Recently, Helen Clark is rated as the third most powerful woman on social media. This is the media presence of the female leaders around the world. She has been reaching out to public on important issues through using this great platform. The number of tweets sent by her is 40,000 while she has 159,000 followers on Twitter. Even on Facebook her page has more than 96,000 likes. She was the prime minister for nine years in New Zealand. There is a lot of interesting facts behind the success of Helen Clark on social media. Some of them are as follows.


The type f tweets given by her are purely political or related to it in any way. Statistics show that she does 25 tweets in a single day. Among them, 73% are retweets. She says that the reason behind her popularity on social media is that all of her stuff is genuine and base on true insight. That is why people like the content shared by her. Also, the accounts from where she retweet things are @UndpSyria, @UNDP, and @UNDP4Youth. The other topics that interest her include human rights, international relations, and other such things. She also uses a lot of hashtags especially the trending ones.

Promotion of her organization

Helen Clark is currently campaigning for Secretary General of United Nations. She is doing heavy promotions on twitter and most of the people believe that her high involvement on social media is because of her own organization that is United Nations. However, this may not be correct because a lot of non-UN stuff is also posted by her that is really interesting. Her account is completely authentic and along with her busy schedule, she really does it on her own. Coming up with the tweetable material may be by the help of her staff but the material seems really authentic. That is why her account is increasing in popularity day by day.

Posts on Facebook & Twitter

Helen Clark is not so much active on Facebook. She may go without posting on Facebook for few days however she always posts some valuable material. Her post consists at least of a paragraph in which important details are mentioned and even some pictures are also added to make it more interesting. The places visited by her or any other important event are shared with the general public to give some insight.

As a political figure, she definitely uses a lot of valuable tools to make her platform the best and engage a large number of people. She has a really interesting job and she definitely put it to best use by posting material of social media. For her, social media is not about posting things against famous figures or adding her pictures, it’s about giving valuable information to the people. Similarly such valuable information can get more exposure after people buy real active twitter followers and facebook fan page likes. She has learned how to utilize these platforms in the best possible manner. There are many lessons about social media marketing that can be extracted from her experience.

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Ten things we did not know about Facebook earlier

Facebook is a famous social media site where people interact with each other by sharing photos, videos, life events and different life spending ideas. Some interesting things that people usually didn’t know before are described below

  1. First face on Facebook

It was assumed that the first picture present on Facebook was of Mark Zuckerberg on the header of Facebook. Lately, it was cleared that it was a portrait of young Al Pacino. Andrew Mccollum, the friend of Mark created the first logo for Facebook.

  1. Hacks attempt on each day

Buy Instagram LikesThe interesting fact about this popular site is that about 600,000 attempts for hacking the Facebook are made each day. They Spam the member’s friend by attempting to sell goods, or by updating some attractive status like “I am a poop-head”

  1. Facebook visitors on daily basis

About 64% Facebook users visit the site on daily basis. It was 51% in 2010 but the survey was done in 2014 the number increased around 60 percent.

  1. Number of photos that are added each day

People always show interest in sharing their photos to the friends or publicly. Each day million of photos are shared on this site to get comments and likes for the photos to improve a number of followers or ratings.

  1. Access to Facebook from mobile

It is reported that more than one billion Facebook user access to the site through their smart phones.  That’s mean about one from every seventh person on earth use mobile Facebook.

  1. Tracking of site the visitor visits

Through told adage system the Facebook track the number of visitors for each site. They even track when a person has signed out the particular page. It also tracks a user through the like button widget.

  1. Why Facebook is blue

One of the interesting facts about the Facebook color scheme is that it was created blue because its designer or founder Mark Zuckerberg is suffering from red-green color blindness. This is the reason Facebook never changed its color since it is developed.

  1. Meaning of poke is not defined

People always wonder about the meaning of poke. Some assume that it is a simple way to say “hi” while other think that it’s a way of flirting. These are just assumptions as a team of Facebook never justified about the meaning of Poke. It is the feature just to make fun without any specific meaning or reason.

  1. Introduction of like button

The like button was introduced in 2009 and people show interest in using this button. The button is given a second naming an awesome button. People love to hit the button when they see useful and or interesting photos and videos. Shakira got 104 million likes and ranked as number one celebrity on Facebook.

  1. Active members on Facebook

Facebook has around 1.59 billion active members who visit Facebook each month. The average of the active member is more than the population of China and India. Facebook is getting popular each day so the number of users are also increasing day by day this is because of the hidden interesting facts that attract people towards it.


Custom playing cards according to your choice

Playing cards are used to enjoy some spare time with your friends. Professional players play cards in a casino for money. They select their cards carefully. Players feel satisfied if they hold good brands in their hands in the form of playing cards. Custom cards make you feel satisfied by selecting different features of cards at your own.

What is custom playing cards?

These are cards which are customized according to the selection of players. They can create high-quality playing cards depending on their events and organizations. United States Playing Cards company is the leading company which has produced several famous brands such as Bicycle, KEM, Hoyle, and other brands. It provides the opportunity to create customized cards according to your choice. You can select card backs, finishes, faces and colors according to your specifications. In this way, you can grab the attention of your target audience.

Creation of custom playing cards

You can create your custom playing cards online at yourself and by ordering to renowned card manufacturing companies around the world. They offer discounts depending on your affordability. Players can create their playing cards on different websites online. These websites provide the wide range of features for playing cards back, face, finishes, photo book, photo college, and puzzles. You can brighten up your social gathering and parties by creating playing cards on your own. Various designs are available for adding texts and images on cards. They offer different sizes of playing cards such as standard size, mini size, and extra large size. You can select a size of your playing card according to your specifications.

Features of playing cards

Different features can be introduced in custom playing cards for your parties and social gathering. You can add your favorite photos and designs. You can personalize your family playing cards, wedding playing cards and cards to represent your vacations. Good custom playing cards companies have an extensive range of designs to make your playing cards excellent. Heart shaped, oval shaped and other amazing shaped templates can be used in these designs.

How to create custom playing cards

You can easily create your customized playing card. You need to follow some steps for this purpose. Pinter Studio is one of that software which makes your playing card excellent with its amazing features. Here we discuss these steps for you to create these designs at yourself on Pinter Studio online.

Design front and back

First, you need to hover a mouse over the tab of playing cards on Pinter studio. Then you can click on custom front and back. At this feature, you can select front and back of your playing card by selecting photos for it.

Template usage

After adding back and front, you need to use templates for your playing cards, you can add heart shape, oval shaped and other fancy shaped templates for your cards.

Finishing touches of your playing cards

After selecting templates, you need to click the icon of personalizing it. Also, you need to select photos and images for a front of your playing cards. You can add photos ranging from 1 to 54 images.

So, you can make your playing cards according to your preferences by custom creating.


The Reasons To Get Best pan for glass top stove

Glass top stove is a kitchen appliance for homes. You need to cook food with the help of stoves. Different types of stoves are available in market. You need to chose aa stove with good quality features. Glass top stove is a good quality stove for your kitchen. These glass top stove require good quality pans. These best pan for glass top stove are fit and help to cook food in a better way.

Cookware for your glass top stove

Each kind of cookware us not suitable for glass top stove. You need to select it carefully. It need to be chosen according to requirements of kitchen. Glass top stove is also adjusted according to kitchen settings. Here we discuss some of the suggested cookware for your glass top stoves. These recommended cookware are as follows:

High recommended stainless steel

Stainless steel  cookware is highly recommended for glass top stoves. Other cookware are not used for purpose of cooking. Stainless steel cookware is selected due to several benefits associated with it. It is durable and good for heat induction. This kind of cookware is suitable for distribution of copper and aluminium.

Heavy weight aluminium

Cookware with heavy weight aluminium is need to be selected for cooking at glass top stoves. This is highly recommended cookware for domestic use. Helps to grab heat from all sides equally. It is more suitable for conduction of heat than other cookware. It helps to cook food evenly on glass top stove. It can be cleaned easily and immediately.

Pans with copper bottom

For cooking on glass top stove, you can select pans with copper bottom. These are very good for cooking food. You can clean this kind of pans easily. In addition, it helps to conduct heat carefully. You can remove scratches easily and immediately when wash it. It is one of the highly recommended pan for glass top stoves.

Enamel/porcelain pans

This kind of pan is good for cooking food on glass top stoves. Enamel pan provides good performance because it contains heavy and flat surface. This flat surface helps to conduct heat equally from all sides. It can be cleaned easily with little scratches for removing.

Carbon steel pans

Such kind of pan is one of the best cookware for cooking food in glass top stoves. Carbon steel pans are good if these pans have heavy and flat surface. Carbon steel pans have bottom and flat surface. These are very smooth and heavy surface.

Which is the best pan for glass top stove?

For cooking on glass top stoves, you need to select a cookware carefully. Cookware with stainless steel is the best for glass top stoves. You can select it because it provides more benefits than other cookware. Cookware with stainless steel is very easy to clean and remove scratches.

So, you need to select the best cookware for cooking food. Stoves require different kinds of cookware for cooking. Glass top stoves require different cookware than other stoves. Cookware with stainless steel is the beat for glass top stoves.

Sahara desert
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Best animals found in Sahara desert

Sahara desert is the hottest desert located in Africa. Travelers find this region interesting to visit. It is famous for its unique characteristics of climate condition, sand dunes, urges and famous animals. We discuss some best animals in this desert. These animals are:

  1. Addax antelope

It is a rarely sighted animal in Sahara desert. Due to hunting of this animal, the population of this animal remained less in the desert. This animal is a native of chad, Mauritania and Niger valley.  Addax antelope has long and twisted horns just like a dare. It has a white color which suggests its name of white antelope. It is a kind of animal which can sustain its life without water availability. It is the reason they are highly adaptive to Moroccan Sahara.

  1. Saharan cheetah

It is among the top predatory animals in the Sahara desert. It is one of the critically endangered species in this area. Only 250 adults of this species are found in the western part of this desert. Saharan cheetah has the pale color of its skin. Skin contains less visible spots just like other African cheetahs. These cheetahs hunt hares for their eating.

  1. Desert Fox

Many types of foxes are found in Sahara desert. Some of these foxes are fennec fox, rappel Fox and pale fox. Fennec fox has large ears which can dissipate heat. They are highly adaptive to the climate of the desert. It is found in northern Niger, Sinai Peninsula, and Kuwait. Ruppell fox is a small fox and consists of the sandy coat.

  1. Dromedary camels and goats

Camels are very popular in this area. They are used for transportation means in Moroccan Sahara. Dromedary camels are second largest camels in this area after Bactrian camels. They are used for transportation as well as for the purpose of eating.

  1. Gazelles

Gazelles in this area are f of many types such as him gazelle, dame gazelle, and Dorcas gazelle. Dorcas gazelle is a small gazelle species in this area. It lives in the grassland of this region. It is well adaptive to a life of the desert. It can survive without of water availability even for its entire life. But it drinks when water is available.

  1. African wild dogs

They are among endangered species of Sahara desert. People need to protect themselves from these wild dogs to prevent diseases. 6600 adults of this species are found in this region.

  1. Hyrax

It is a herbivorous mammal. It is a small and thickset animal which are found in the sub-Saharan Africa. Animals of this species live in the form of groups of 8-10 animals.

  1. Red-necked Ostrich

It is a bird which is the largest living among all other animals in the world. It has a length of almost 9 feet. It has gray plumage in females and white/black plumage in males.

  1. African Silverbill

This bird lives in arid landscapes. It is a native of savanna region in Sahara desert. It feeds on grass seeds and growing plants seeds.

  1. Black faces firefinch

It is a common bird in this region. It is found in many countries of Africa. But the population of this species is decreasing with the passage of time steadily.

So these are best animals found in the Moroccan Sahara.

food security

Five solutions to end food security problems

Today’s world is still facing food security problem. .Urgent steps are required to solve the food security problem.

Steps to end the issues of food security:

Balancing the crops:

One of the best solution to end food security is to produce the crops in a limit that is required. One should give attention that how much is needed. People usually focus on some crops like maize, rice, and wheat. These crops were only given attention to tackle hunger. But to end the food security, there should be a look at how much the food is grown and consumed. By doing research and then balancing the production is the key element to ending food security. The farmers should give knowledge of how much they have to produce and which varieties are needed can help a lot for this purpose. For the better quality food, good soil, good quality seeds are needed. By educating farmer, you can have good quality food, and this will also reduce food security.

Yield gap:

In the past some years, according to the report in developing countries, many natural habitats were converted to farming. It is seen that the agricultural land has not fully reached its potential. Farmers are yielding 50 percent less than that the fields can produce. If the gap between what is being produced and how much more it can produce can end the food security. By doing this, you can feed many people.

Using of fertilizers on the crops:

Everyone is against of using the fertilizers on crops. But still, many people use them. In one study it was seen that use of fertilizer with nitrogen and phosphorous on crops like wheat and rice crops could reduce to some percent and can produce the same yield. Other adjustments can be made with time and use other fertilizers.

Water productivity:

The Water problem is the main issue and cause of food security. Less water destroys the crops. To end food security, you have to improve irrigation system. Or one solution is that to grow a crop that wants less water. Some crops like sugarcane and everyone knows Rice is the crops that need so much water. Farmers used to grow crops that give profit to them, to encourage them to do so, should provide them economic incentives.

Wastage of food:

It has been recorded that half percent of total grown crops goes to waste due to many reasons such as poor storage facilities or they are not fully prepared. Steps should be taken to stop all this. Policymakers should implement such rules that save crops to being a waste. By doing this, you can end the food security problem.

Due the difficulties and complexities of issues like food security is the main reason that still some people in this global world remain hungry This is the issues required more attention of the policy makers.

Mentioned above are the steps should be taken to solve the food security problem.

Arab world institute

10 facts about Arab world institute

The Arab world institute is a beautiful building located in Paris. It was built by mutual funded by the French government and members of the Arab world. The French government and Arab state people notice the lack of awareness of the Arab culture in the french soil. So they decided to build this institute, which gives information about the Arab world. This building is the symbol of strong relations between the two states.

The facts about the Arab world institute:

This institute is an organization which was founded by France and eighteen countries of the Arab world. Aim to explore and publicize the Arab culture and its value, so French people comes to know about them.

  1. It is in the fifth arrondissement of the Paris and the central arrondissement of the capital. It is the oldest districts of the ancient times.
  2. It is built in a way that east meets with the West. A large building devoted to the Arab civilization.
  3. To control the heat, motifs are used as a shutter in the building. This was an innovate architecture, that was visited by many people to see.
  4. The Jean who designed the building was awarded for its architecture. He used old Arabic style and transferred it into the modern
  5. A large building with the eleven floors on the top and has three underground floors. Mid height with the lobby in the center. Having a total of 20 stories, of which 9 is on the north side and 11 on the south side. There is also a balcony on the fourth floor. The side with a beautiful view of the river has a glass The underground floors are used for the exhibitions and seminars.
  6. On the north side of the Arab world, the Institute is the museum, spread over many floors, advertising the Arab civilization and culture. The work is presented on the three floors. Visiting this museum gives you a view of an Arab With some innovations in the museum, you can now see the past of Islamic countries things and their history. This museum shows the diversity in every sense, in their culture and beliefs.
  7. Library in the Arab world institute is divided into three parts. In this area, you can find books related to Arab world culture. Information about Arab culture is written in many languages, and you can find them in this library.
  8. The Arab world institute with museum and library also have meeting rooms, auditorium, bookshop, and offices.
  9. There is also a Terrance on the ninth floor that gives a beautiful view of the island. This view is so much famous in the capital city.
  10. Many exhibitions are also held in this institute. Some show their culture and the other shows history of the region. Many exhibitions are on the special themes such as Hajj, societal issues and much
  11. The Arab world institute is the famous place in Paris. Many tourists visit this place to see its architecture. A building which is a symbol of friendship is a way of enhancing the relationship.



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Why buy social media followers for more engagement?

The trend has greatly shifted from real world marketing towards social media marketing. The reason behind this is that most of the people have a presence on these networks. All the current day statistics have compelled the marketers to buy followers on Instagram to engage a number of users towards their accounts. This is the best medium to get the message to the ultimate consumer. People love to know about the brands they use. Once the brand starts to share each and every detail about the product and the efforts they are making to turn the brand into a valuable thing for the consumer, the users feel connected to the brand. The reasons to buy social media followers are as follows.

Provide social proof

Once people get to hear about a brand on the social media, they have a proof of its existence. There is no other medium which is visited by people every day and they pay attention to the details shown. Only through social media most of the potential customers can be reached. There are many brands who have gained success solely because of the massive and wise advertisement done on the social media. Also, when people see that a brand is followed by a large number of followers, they ultimately think of that brand as a good one.

Organic followers

There is no point in increasing the number of followers if they are fake and does not provide any benefit to the company. It is essential for the growth of the organization to make organic followers that will bring some profit to the company. These organic followers are the potential customers which will turn into real customers if the right type of information is provided to them. Building organic followers is a slow process but it will definitely bring more value. They will actually listen to the details shared with them.

Saving time and money

Everyone is so busy in a routine that they do not have time and money to spend on getting information about brands. Social media is the easiest and effective way of getting information reached to a maximum number of people. It requires no money and effort to post few updates about the brand regularly. All a person needs is a high definition camera that will make attractive pictures. The time of customers is also saved. They will spend their leisure time in getting the information about the brands.

Buy Instagram likes is not a new thing and everyone is doing it. It provides an easy and efficient way to offer information to the followers. Through the use of multiple channels, these social media followers can be increased. There are also multiple techniques which help people to increase the engagement level of people. There are a lot of benefits which can be brought by the use of social media marketing. A better customer experience is generated by the use of social media campaigns. The satisfaction level is increased and positive word of mouth travel about the brand.


play game
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Top 3 Best Storyline unblocked games

Story line unblocked games are those games which have huge story line and mark. A player around the globe enjoy these games on the basis of their story. Each turn of this game has a direction in players love to play such games because they are the long and totally turn-based scenario.

Max Payne

This is one of the beautiful crafted unblocked games 77 which bagged almost every award of the industry. The game starts with a detective which reports to a crime. He finds out on his way back home that his wife has been killed. He takes the decision about finding out who has killed his wife. Because he couldn’t believe that wife could have done a suicide. The taxpayer is the name of the detective. During the search, he finds out different things about the wife that she was an undercover agent. He couldn’t believe and the story unfolds more. The best part of the Max Payne is that it was developed during those days when the good games were impossible to find. Max Payne has a good amount of cinematics which makes game interesting and indulging. The game introduced first of the slow motion modes into the game. This caught a large player base eye. The game special feature got so famous that around million copies were sold just on the popularity of the slow motion mode of this unblocked game. Max Payne could perform different moves on the basis of that mode essentially. Thus making the game more enjoyable and indulging players to play this game longer.

Need for Speed Underground

One of the best game of its time. This unblocked game was based on the racing crew. The game starts when the few racers who win the races and keep the car of the racers get traced by the policeman. Need for speed underground is all about car races between different players. That car thief would only take those in the team who would be top of the league. So an undercover police officer is sent to drive these racing cars. He gets a lot of help from the police department in winning the league and coming top of the line. Thus he finally gets to the inner circle of those thieves. The story of this unblocked game further unfolds. The need for speed underground is not about the story but the beautiful design of the cars and different player allowed colors of these cars. A total number of thirty car models were used in the game all of the tops of the line car of few named companies of the world. These car models were so appreciated by the players that wanted the developers of this game to create another part of this game. Hence underground 2 was released all the game was far away from the first part of the story line but it packed the same punch as the need for speed underground.

These are top two story line based unblocked games 66.